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Green Mountain Gala

Green mountain gala invitation

The Rutland Health Foundation’s gala event has raised more than $520,000 for vital healthcare initiatives that benefit our community. This year’s Green Mountain Gala will benefit the Foley Cancer Center.

We have all been touched by cancer, if not personally, we have seen it affect our friends, family members and neighbors.

A cancer diagnosis is overwhelming for patients and their families. At Rutland Regional Medical Center, we strive to make our patient’s experience a positive one.

Last year alone, more than 18,936 patients received cancer services at Rutland Regional’s Foley Cancer Center. We see close to 100 cancer patients daily, so it is necessary to redesign the Foley Cancer Center to accommodate additional patients, with a special focus on the waiting area and patient registration check in and check out. The redesign will improve the patient and family experience, and provide a more comfortable environment that is both efficient and effective.

As a not-for profit community hospital, it is our mission to provide every person who walks through our doors with exceptional care. Hope and passion continue to define the Foley Cancer Center through the delivery of advanced, compassionate healthcare. Our friends, family members and neighbors deserve the best possible cancer care right here in our local region. Over the next several months, Rutland Regional will work to raise $550,000 to support the redesign of the Foley Cancer Center.

Every change that can make a difference in the quality of life – or at the very least help to reduce the challenges patients face while being treated – take precedence at the Foley Cancer Center.

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