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Spine Care Program

The Spine Care Program

Dr. Arabella Bull-Stewart and Dr. Michael check a patient's MRI
The Spine Care Program is a team experienced in orthopaedic spine surgery, physical medicine and rehabilitation, and osteopathic medicine. Together with their support staff, they diagnose and treat a broad spectrum of conditions affecting the spine. Our team uses advanced techniques in interventional pain management, rehabilitation and surgery. This provides you a healthy solution and return to your normal, active life.

Andrew Newman, PA-C examining patient's lower back

Our goal is to provide outstanding spine care that will help you to regain control of your life. Our multidisciplinary team, operating as a center of excellence, is committed to providing comprehensive assessment, enabling us to formulate your custom treatment plan. We utilize the most current clinical practice guidelines and apply them based on your individual needs. This approach allows quality care to be coordinated with the entire Spine Care team.

At the core of our Spine Care Program is Priority Consult™, an advanced patient care management system designed to ensure proper and timely treatment for patients. We feel strongly that quality care is directly related to as complete an understanding of the patient as possible. Priority Consult allows us to collect, organize, retain and review your medical history once— without the need for you to repeat the process when seeing other providers on our team. A thorough physician review of your medical history— within 12-24 hours — then permits us to request more outside information or arrange for additional testing if needed — before your first scheduled appointment. We then pair you with the proper physician to ensure the start of treatment without unnecessary delay.

Once your individual treatment plan is determined, our Nurse Navigator will walk you through the process offering explanation, coordination and care. Any questions or concerns can be addressed with a single telephone call. In addition, the Nurse Navigator provides a vital link back to the referring physician with regular updates on your progress. The connection between you and the Nurse Navigator truly sets our program apart and assures constant support and open, informed communication.

Dr. Zmurko helps a patient to understand their condition.

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